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Frequently Asked Questions

On the basis of regular queries, LangNation has brought a set of information for the viewers. If anyone wants to get registered with us for learning foreign languages, the random website visit can enrich the experience.

The quick and effective answers will help you to solve many questions that are stemming from your brain. The answers are easily derived to give you all the possible answers. Here, we are including some 'Frequently Asked Questions' that may help you to know LangNation better.

If any question is still unanswered, LangNation welcomes your query to get answered as soon as possible.

    How to choose an institute to learn languages online?

Many online language learning courses and institutes are following each other to win the race. Among this throng, a student seeks to choose the best. Teaching foreign languages can be a business to some institutes where some may take it as a pleasure. The first and foremost need is to identify this difference.

Apart from this, here are a few more points that may help you to choose the best one among all the good institutes for the same –

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for demo classes. If any institute clearly denies offering the demo classes, it is considered that the institute is not confident enough to show their demo classes without getting paid for that.
  • Students must know about the qualification and experience of the teacher, who is going to teach a particular language in the online learning programs. You can inquire about the teacher’s details and if staff changes during the course, you can again raise the query of education.
  • Social networking sites and reviews are the best demonstrations of reputations. Not only the positive reviews but also you must check the negative reviews. Any institute may or may not pay for getting the positive reviews but the negative reviews can be more genuine than positive ones.
  • As you are looking for intercultural language learning, international study material should be used. If the institute uses basic books, the required level of learning can not be achieved. In fact, only international study materials provide sufficient knowledge that can help to adopt that particular culture.

    Can absolute beginners start learning?

Of course, LangNation has a special course structure for an absolute beginner. You can start learning anytime as once you have made a decision to explore; we will help you to learn languages.

    Is there any age requirement to participate in a language course?

LangNation has designed language programs by keeping some requirements in mind. Our normal language course is recommended for the participant with a minimum of 13-years of age.

    Who can join the online language courses?

If you are looking for Visa approval, studies, job, or willing to enhance your knowledge, anyone can participate in our online language courses.

    What will be the step by step procedure for taking the admission?

Step 1: Thought it is an optional step, the candidate may start with the demo classes.

Step 2: The next step is to pay the registration fee for a particular course.

Step 3: The candidate should submit all the required documents.

Step 4: Make a decision whether you want to make a one-time payment or part payments.

Step 5: Check for the fees and study materials.

Step 6: Receive your login ID and passwords. Thus, you can start learning.

    What does make LangNation superior to any other online language learning platform?

LangNation stands for its authenticity and here are the key points, which mark us different from any other platforms of the similar industry –

  • Our dedicated and qualified team.
  • The experienced teaching staff.
  • Ace-level books and study materials.
  • Availability of timings.
  • Special vocab classes.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Special doubt sessions and classes.
  • Tests and special classes.

    What is the guarantee of the courses?

LangNation pours all the efforts to make you learn the required language. When it comes to giving a guarantee about something, we take unarguably guarantee our endeavors. From the learning materials to classes, we are putting our best efforts. Apart from that, the rest of it depends on the individual students and their vigilance.

    Is any certification available?

Every candidate whoever is participating in our online language programs will receive a certificate. It will be proof that you were with us during the classes.

    If one gets unable to continue the course, is the refund possible?

There is a tailored fee refund policy. We adhere to those terms what participant has already seen before submitting the registration fees –

  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • If the course gets canceled from our side, we can discuss it over the paid amount.
  • If the candidate wants to cancel or withdraw the participation, the refund of the paid amount can be considered on a different basis like timing.

    Can one transfer the course to another candidate?

If one candidate pays an amount, only that person is expected to attend the classes. In any case, the paid amount can not be shifted to another student for attending the language learning programs.

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