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Terms and Condtions

LangNation welcomes you to explore the relevant terms and conditions. It is an online language learning system that works under a specific domain. This makes it available to serve you with one internet browser. To proceed with the registration and stride, you need to ensure the general terms and conditions of the business.


LangNation provides online language learning platforms to the users, where they can learn and explore the international language culture. Our proficiency relies on our content and course. We are producing the most relevant and practical knowledge base for our students.

We allow high-standard technologies to intervene in our language programs to enhance the learning experience. From the learning material to the atmosphere, our virtual language classes are charging the fairest price from the registered candidates.

Registration and participation

Every participant is expected to fill the complete registration form. There are many prerequisites that the participants need to submit with required details –

    • The participation in every course is open to everyone, whoever is interested in learning languages.
    • The participant must be aged 13 or older to get registered with LangNation. Younger ones may discuss their requirements to proceed differently.
    • The online booking process shows a form to get filled by the participant. Hereafter, we will send the confirmation with the immediate effect in the most convenient way like standard mail, email, or fax.
    • We value the amount you pay for language learning courses. In this reference, if no contract is really concluded between us, the paid fees will be refunded to you with the advised details.
    Payment terms  

    Candidates must pay a specific amount as the registration fee for the course. The course fee is expected to pay at the time of registration with suitable modes of payment –

      • Every candidate will get the booking confirmation via mail or fax. Here, the invoice for the paid amount will also be attached.
      • The amount invoiced should fall before the beginning of the course. The later booking or participation can be considered as delayed payments.
      • If the full payment of a particular language course is not paid by the due date, the candidate may lose the right to participate in the learning programs.
      • Apart from one-time payments, the entire course payment can be segmentized and arranged in different milestones.
      • After registration, the candidate is expected to attend the classes. If any candidate is not attending the classes or doing it is part, the payment obligation will still persist.

      Course fee and refunds

      LangNation adheres to the payment terms as we know the value of your time and money. In the business world, we believe in sharing knowledge with the transparency of payments –

      • The price list will show the exact contractually binding fee regarding any language learning program.
      • The stated fee may include the cost of classes, LangNation's notes, and digital books, and if the books are expected to buy separately, the list will display the same to ensure a clear discussion.
      • We charge a registration amount from every individual, which is also refundable. The refundable amount or fee will be mentioned separately.
      • After paying for the language course, the participant is expected to attend the classes. If the candidate is unable to attend or doesn't want to continue after 1st class, the cancellation should be done prior to 2nd class. Otherwise, we are not supposed to refund after the 2nd class.
      • In case the cancellation or withdrawal takes place before the course, the course fee gets refunded. Here, the terms of the refund will be discussed with the candidate.
      • Similar to the registration process, the cancellation of the course also includes some official procedures. No vocal communication can be served regarding the cancellation of any course.
      • In any case of learning languages, the course fee can include only one registered candidate. This fee can not be transferred to any other students.
      • If we are canceling any language course schedule or program, the fee will be reimbursed.
      Beginning, duration, and completion of course
      After registering and generating a confirmation, LangNation starts the required language learning program –
      • We offer the course and schedule of online language learning classes.
      • The candidate can view the schedules and other details described in the individual course programs.
      • If requested, the candidate can get a free trial in any ongoing language classes.
      • The training staff may or may not get changed during the entire learning schedule. If the staff changes, it will not interrupt your flow of learning.
      • On completion of the course, the participant will be entitled to a certificate with good attendance in the learning schedule.

      These Terms & Conditions are applied to all the participants of LangNation. These are making the entire language learning process facile and transparent. If any supplementary provision wants to take place, a written and complete conversation is expected.