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Privacy Plolicy

LangNation is an online language learning platform that operates with the site refers to ‘’. The privacy policy sets out how we protect and use the information provided by the candidates.

We are the owner of the website where several candidates are filing their registration for the sake of learning different languages to explore intercultural communication. Therefore, the terms ‘we or our’ will be used for us the LangNation team, and the terms ‘you or you're’ will be used to refer the viewer of the website.

LangNation is glad to know your interest in us. The use of the internet and web pages has made virtual learning easier. Being an online language learning platform, we are compelled to ask for several pieces of data from the candidates. Any participant fills the required form with many of his or her personal information. In this reference, it becomes our responsibility to process the necessary information with the consent of the user.

Collection and usage of information

Personal data stands for any information provided to identify everyone, either directly or indirectly. LangNation is the owner of the collected information. We ensure the users that we don’t share, sell, transfer or rent any piece of personal data –
  • Your information available with us is safe and secure. Any combination of data that can imply a natural person is likely to be available with us with the utmost priority to security.
  • If the sensitive data is involved, we keep it with us along with the security essentials. Name, email id, and postal address are listed as sensitive data.
  • You may select the data to provide us, although we store the information volunteered by you.    
  • We clearly indicate the purpose of every inquiry. If we request to answer an inquiry, you will know where we are going to introduce it.
  • With our website, we can ask for your consent about any important functionality changes to the website. Use of information will be entirely transparent for both of us

Protection and security

LangNation is taking the responsibility of protecting your data in both ways, either online or offline. The data breach is a big crime through our lens and therefore, we participate in cooperative database services –
  • Names and mailing addresses may get shared in the cooperative database services. This sharing can be done between the participating parties. Apart from this, no payment or debit/credit card related details will be shared.
  • We will keep our clients aware of what information we are collecting and processing. Additionally, we reserve the right to disclose the information as obligated by law.
  • We may save your email address what you are using to communicate with us via mail. The purpose of saving these addresses is to keep you informed with the latest updates via mails.
  • LangNation is responsible for the protection of data that you have entered in our webpages. We are not responsible for any other similar reference links you are seeing anywhere on our webpages.

Third-party usages

As we already discussed, LangNation does employ a third party to help us with payments and other relevant tasks. Process of payments, conduction of surveys, site activities, and many more are monitored by the third party. The third-party intervention doesn’t penetrate our data security measurements.
LangNation contracts with third parties across the internet for many reasons, especially to serve the ads. The user visits our website and to the other ones with the shown advertisement of services and goods. These third parties are not permitted to share your information as part of our entire process.

Cookies usage

Whenever one uses a browser, a small piece of information gets saved into the computer/browser. This further helps your system to retrieve the most relevant information from the internet. It makes your searching easier and convenient. This small piece of information is known as cookies. Cookies are used to record various aspects to assist you.
Your browser enables our system to recognize you during your visit to our website. A cookie allows us to remember you and your searched items. The list is prepared by the cookies on the basis of your preference. The mere motive of saving cookies is to serve you with the best experience of searching and exploring.

Conditions of use

LangNation doesn’t pertain to any warranty regarding its servers or emails as those will be virus-free. We will not be liable for any kind of damage by using the website. Our liability under the privacy policy shall not exceed the price of purchased events.

Legal requests and applicable law

LangNation respects your personal information and therefore, we have taken the measures to protect and safeguard that valuable information. By-law enforcement, government officials, rules, regulations, and legal authority, your personal information in the event is required to keep safe.
By visiting LangNation’s website, you are agreeing with the laws of the nation. There should be no conflict of thoughts or principles that are governing the privacy policy. No dispute can be filed later for any sort of affiliation between you and us.

Consent to the policy

LangNation’s website accepts the orders from the web browsers to proceed only if the browser permits communication through SSL technology. The term SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and this technology encrypts the information that the user provides. It protects you and your data against unauthorized actions. By the reference of understanding the complete process, the Terms of Use Agreement is incorporated    

Change of privacy policy

LangNation is committed to virtues and the privacy policy also talks about the same. We ensure our users that their privacy is protected with us. We ask for information to identify you individually. Your consent with the usage of data is our utmost priority. We assure you with our privacy statement, where no breach is possible.
LangNation may or may not update its privacy policy. Any amendments to our privacy policy will reflect on this page. Every viewer is expected to check this privacy policy from time to time for better transparency of the deal. Get ensure first and of course, we can move ahead together!