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Legal Discloser

LangNation, The German School, is a Language Institute where users can reach through the URL https://www.langnation.com/. All rights are reserved for the name and owner.
To begin with the legal disclosure of LangNation, ‘we’, and ‘us’ will be used in the reference to LangNation whereas ‘you’ will be used in the reference to users and clients.

The Corporate Identity Number: U80903DL2021PTC376449
Address: 387 Pocket 5, Mayur Vihar-I 110091-Delhi

The document is worth reading and doesn’t forget to provide complete consciousness while going through the document. Be Vigilant!

Scope and nature of LangNation

LangNation is an online language learning platform that serves the candidates with the ease of language learning. While going through the online presence, one can compare the performance and reserve the preferred seats. The services are available to everyone with prerequisites. If you are willing to attempt a registration to this language learning platform, you are intentionally coming into the contract with the company.
We don’t reserve your details for any illegal activities. We ask and transfer only the relevant details, even after your confirmation only. Making a registration intimates your approval of processing your information. We don’t sell the details and other information.
Each school is responsible for the accuracy of data and details they render on the website. The similar goes with the LangNation as well. The details present on this webpage are only the representation of the Language Institute’s comprehensions and consent.
No extra money or amount is charged from the students. The services and courses that are represented on the institute's website are meant to discuss and explore before paying any penny for the same. Like many other platforms, we don’t charge an additional fee that is irrelevant to the language learning programs. Everything will go along with the spick and span approach.
Once you are paying any amount, you will be receiving the details in written form about where your money is going. We believe in transparency and that is what creates the real difference. There is an advantage for the users as they can make partial payments by generating the balanced milestones of payments.
Payments are meant to facilitate you with some service. If any deduction or demand happens, you can ask for the relevant details about the facilities. Upon acknowledgment of course confirmation only, the student is suggested to pay anything for that. The price fluctuation can be done with daily variations. Since all the rights are reserved to LangNation, none can create disputes in concern to payments, structures, and their possible amendments.

Registration and enrolment

Firstly, you need to realize the difference between registration and enrolment. You can register yourself with LangNation by filling a few details online. But when it comes to enrolment, you need to follow the complete procedure along with the possible payments as well.
Online enrolment forms are available on the website which is expected to be filled and submitted by the users. Once you become a verified student, you can receive the enrolment with the language institute. This online language learning platform registers the students until they receive the final enrolment to their preferred language course.
Sending the online enrolment form is not the only thing. You need to wait for receiving the final approval. Thus, the complete enrolment process may take a bit longer than the registration procedure. The cancellation may result differently as the reason, duration and many other things are making a prominent effect.

Changes or Cancellation

We can negotiate favorable terms for making the changes for mutual benefits. We will put the communication at the foremost priority. Any change may take place but for that, the patience is appreciable.
The cancellation of the contract may take place by one of the two prominent reasons. Either a student can cancel the contract in the running course or the institute can cancel the same. Both situations are different and so they act differently too. Institute reserves the right to cancel the contract in case of writing, calculating, and printing errors. On the flip side, if a student finds any loophole in the learning contract, the student can ask for the termination or cancellation of the contract. A full or partial refund is subject to LangNation. The policy will be disclosed at the time of filling and submitting the form.

Use of site

Stealing anything is a crime and we believe in that. Scraping, framing, collecting, or extracting any of the details that are floating around the website will be considered as a crime. In this way, the personal or professional reasons for doing this are strictly prohibited. Additionally, you may not mirror any material available on the website of this language institute.


LangNation has legal access to information. In this way, we further provide safe and secure payment methods to our users. You can choose between the various transfer options. No need to be worried about concern about the safety of your payment. Once you trust us for language learning, we will make sure that there is no loophole in the entire process that can breach our mutual dependency for the performance.  


The copyright of the website content and works on its webpages are subject to LangNation Language Institute. Edition, duplication, and distribution of any kind of data are limited to the written consent of copyright law. Any copies or downloads on this website are strictly prohibited for private or non-commercial usages.  
When the content is not provided by the owner of the website, the entire responsibility goes on the shoulders of a third-party. In the absence of the operator’s content, third-party copyrights will be respected. In case you are getting any information about copyright infringement, we request you to inform us with immediate effect. As soon as we will receive the information, we will take action and remove the same promptly.
We don’t render any unsolicited advertising and informational material. If anything goes in this reference, LangNation objects to that.
Any vague representation of legal disclosure is our responsibility. If you are finding any difficulty while pondering this legal disclosure, we can discuss it with a mutual request!

ISO Certified


LangNation language institute is certified ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)